How To Work From Home Online – Become Successful With Elance

Many people wonder how to work from home online and become successful. Finding work from home jobs is not an easy task these days. Never mind finding an honest company to work with online that pays good money. Well today I want to inform you on an excellent work from home company that offers its users or “employees” with an enormous variety of freelance jobs.


Owners: Fabio Rosati

Introduction: How To Work From Home Online

Elance Is a company that provides freelancers to work jobs that they pick and choose. Elance offers users a variety of different job categories ranging from programming jobs all the way to engineering jobs.

I will provide a complete list of jobs offered in a different section. There is basically a job category with a job that just about anybody can do.

If you’re looking to start your work from home job career today this is an excellent place to start. They have jobs available for a person that is looking for entry level work from home jobs.  All the way to a fully experienced person with the proper degrees in a specific field.

Elance also offers services to companies or individuals that would like to hire a freelancer.



  • You decide your own pay
  • Wide variety of job categories
  • Anybody that can use a computer can find work
  • High paying job offers
  • work your own hours
  • work when you’re available
  • excellent customer support
  • They provide you with jobs that fit your profile


  • None!

Who is Elance For?

Elance is an excellent entry level job for anybody looking to start learning how to work from home online as a freelancer. The company itself really provides you over time with the full experience of how to work from home online by building yourself an online profile/resume.

You will not get a better work from home experience then with elance. If you are a first timer to the work from home online community. It will build your resume and profile to help you land even better work from home opportunities in the future.

Basically you will end up teaching yourself how to work from home online and you may very well be teaching others someday how to work from home online and help them become successful.

Basically Elance is great for a beginner and also an experienced freelancer Because learning how to work from home online is extremely easy. Considering the amount of work from home job opportunities available on elance. There is a job for anybody and everybody on elance.

Job Categories

How Much Does Being a Freelancer Pay?

Your income is up to you! It is based off how much you work and how much your willing to work for. The pay for a completed project on elance is never the same. On Elance you will always get different income results. The reason for not having a set pay is you are choosing what job you want to do.

By choosing your job you also choose how much you are going to be paid on the specific job. Always keep in mind that while you are still learning how to work from home online you will have to fight for your spot.

When I say you have to fight for your spot while learning how to work from home online I mean that there is always going to be more experienced freelancers. For the most part they will most likely get a job over you.

A great way to land a couple of you first jobs on elance while your just learning how to work from home online is to set your payment at very low rates. Basically your not going to get paid the big bucks at first. But you need to to build up your profile or “resume” for the work at home community.

The user who hires you will have a set limit on how much they are willing to pay for each project they need completed.

In other words your pay is in your own hands which is great! You know what you are worth and what better way to get it then naming the price on your own income.

Final Verdict On How To Work From Home Online

Whether you’re looking for data entry jobs or engineering jobs Elance is your best bet to start working at home and doing it. I personally use Elance and I love going on and checking every day if they have a job that fits what I like to do. Overall I hope I provided enough information on how to work from home online and become successful.


Start working today at Elance!


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