5 No Cost Work From Home Jobs

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The following no cost work from home jobs are scam free you may have to use the phone for several of the companies I have listed. I have added a short description of the websites but there is no guarantee all of them are hiring at the moment. As always Stars Home Based Jobs recommends that you always apply to multiple legitimate work at home companies to better your chances of landing your online career.

Bingo chat moderator – (There is 2 other jobs open to apply to here.) Who would turn down the opportunity to work from home with flexible working hours? Being a bingo chat host is a fantastic opportunity for those growing band of teleworkers who balance a hectic home life with part time homeworking.

Jingit – Watch videos, give feedback, and earn cash instantly. It really is that easy. So any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online — at Jingit.com or our partners’ sites — click on it! That ad pays you!

Weegy – Recruit ‘Weegy experts’ in a variety of specific knowledge categories. (e.g. automobile repair, financial advice, health and fitness, and countless others categories).

  • When Weegy cannot continue a conversation (as will often happen when Weegy is young and impressionable), she will immediately contact the first available expert to help her continue the conversation.
  • All conversation threads become a part of Weegy’s knowledge and understanding of the world, and help her to become smarter. She will learn by listening to users and Weegy experts talk with each other; no other special setup or maintenance is required to build Weegy’sintelligence.

User Testing – Be a Tester for User Testing: review websites and earn $10 per website

OnPoint – OnPoint@Home is a different kind of work-at-home experience, combining the convenience of working from home with many of the advantages of a traditional office environment. Our at-home agents work on exciting and interesting projects, and they do so from the comfort of their own homes—it’s the best of both worlds. And unlike most work-at-home opportunities—low-paying, sales-based jobs where you’re just another identification number—OnPoint@Home offers challenging, rewarding projects and a dynamic group environment.

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