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If you are interested in making some extra cash then get paid do surveys! Below are free paid surveysa number of 100% free paid surveys. With each site you either earn points that lead to cash or just cash paid threw paypal or check etc. Some you can even receive gift cards or other great prizes its all up to you! Free paid surveys are great if you just have some extra time.

Legitimate paid surveys also are great if you really want to get your opinion out there. Remember your opinion counts on each and every free survey. These free paid surveys work with some of the commercials and advertisements that you see everyday. You can have a pick at what people see. Other surveys are about what you do what you like etc etc.

Stars Home Based Jobs will be posting many more 100% free paid surveys for the US and Canada and other countries constantly. What we do is weed out the bogus paid surveys that rarely pay or the surveys are long and give you headaches and you find out you only made a quarter. At stars we know how to get paid for surveys.

We want you to make the most cash for these paid surveys and if you have any questions for how to get paid for survey just go ahead and send us an email. At stars you are our concern and we are here for you. That’s why we only post the highest paid surveys available.

We make sure that you get the best of the best and get paid what you deserve! Come try one or many of these 100% legitimate free paid surveys and earn your extra cash now! Extra cash is always great so just go ahead already get paid do surveys. Every website we show offers paid surveys for free. At Stars we can not stress it enough get paid take surveys who doesn’t like extra money?

None of the following paid surveys are full time jobs. you can make very easy and quick cash. If you wanted to you could very well sign up for each website and do as many paid surveys and other offers that the sites offer and make a very decent income. Remember every paid survey we provide is 100% free to sign up and use.

Each website does not only offer only paid surveys they have many different ways to paid survey sitesmaximize your income. Read threw each paid survey site listed and pick the one that best fits your needs. Or become a member of each one and maximize your income potential. At Stars Home Based Jobs we offer some of the highest paid surveys available online. What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our sites and get paid for surveys starting today!paid surveys available online. What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our sites and get paid for surveys starting today!



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Voice Surveys

Paid Surveys – Global Test Market – GlobalTestMarket is an online paid survey community that was founded in 1999. Members of this community volunteer to participate in consumer research by sharing their opinions and getting rewarded in exchange

Survey Voices – Brands Need You (US Only)– Voice market research surveys. Make 350$ + by sharing your honest feedback with big brands

Smart Phone Surveys

MobileXpressions (iPhone Only!) – Start making money today on your Iphone and get paid for surveys!

The minimum cash out depends on where you cash out…

Perfect Money: $1.00

EgoPay: $10.00

Solid Trust Pay: $10.00

PayPal: $2.00 *

Payza: $2.00 *

Western Union: $250.00

Bank Wire: $250.00

iPoll (iPhone Only) – iPoll allows you to take short surveys while you’re on the go and get paid for your answers.

The minimum cash out depends on where you cash out…

Perfect Money: $1.00

EgoPay: $10.00

Solid Trust Pay: $10.00

PayPal: $2.00 *

Payza: $2.00 *

Western Union: $250.00

Bank Wire: $250.00

MobileXpressions (Android Only) – Get rewarded just for having an app on your phone! Users can download the MobileXpression app and allow it to collect data from your online activity and earn rewards like cash, gift cards, and merchandise

New Paid Surveys

Join Smart Panel, the new and exciting online community for survey takers where you can share your experiences about how you use the internet. Get Smart Rewards for sharing your thoughts and Opinions!

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Best Survey Sites For computer

The minimum cash out on all sites depends on where you cash out. Here is a list and minimum money you need to cash out on each free paid survey. These are the best survey sites that you will find online.

Perfect Money: $1.00

EgoPay: $10.00

Solid Trust Pay: $10.00

PayPal: $2.00 *

Payza: $2.00 *

Western Union: $250.00

Bank Wire: $250.00

Survey Downline (US & UK) – One of the best survey sites

Global Test Market panel

Nielson Digital Voice

UniVox Community

American Consumer Opinion (US & UK)

My SoapBox

Ipsos I-Say Panel

Valued Opinions

Harris Poll Online

Best Paying Survey Sites – US

Snappy Surveys – Excellent new survey board with a very high payout!

Spring Board – Join Springboard today and get paid for taking online polls.

iPoll – Earn fast cash by taking online surveys. Sign up and GET $5.00 CASH in your iPoll rewards account.

Opinionsite is a worldwide community of people sharing their opinions. Take surveys, share your opinions and watch your points add up to a $10 check.

MySHOPinion – Online panel, designed to collect the experiences and opinions of shoppers just like you through polls, surveys and discussions on your favorite brands and companies. You’ll earn reward points for every activity you complete on which you can redeem for exicitng prizes.

Panel Engage – Join and get the opportunity to participate on research surveys and earn. Every time you complete a survey you will collect points which you can redeem later to Cash Incentives.

My Soap Box Panel – Voice your opinions, earn rewards and make a difference. Membership is Free, signup today! Get paid for surveys you take online. This is one of the best paying survey sites.



Mint Vine – Is free to sign up. The way you get paid is you get points from each paid survey you take. Usually each paid survey is between 50-300 points. You get 200 points just for signing up! Once you get 1000 points(very easy to achieve) you can redeem $10 cash. You can receive your cash either by PayPal, DWOLLA, or you may choose to be paid by a gift card. There are great options for gift card payment available.

PineCone Research – MALES ONLY Join the PineCone Research Online Consumer Panel and help to influence tomorrow’s products today!

ProOpinion -is a free online community driven by research and fueled by thousands of business professionals. Earn a little something for yourself along the way as well as you can participate in online surveys to earn rewards.

Toluna – Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and get paid for surveysshare your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $2,500 sweepstakes when you register!

VIP Voice – Join VIP Voice and you can win cash or prizes for giving your opinions.

Valued Opinions – Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. Signup today to give your opinions and earn cash!

Pet Talk – If you own a pet, then fill out this survey you will receive free pet supplies!

Surveys and Friends – Free paid surveys. Register for FREE and Get Paid for Your Opinions and Friends Opinions too.

Tell Wut – Free paid Survey. Win prizes, rewards, and cash by participating in surveys.

Your Word – Join this unique online community to put your own stamp on the products and services you use every day. Earn cash for sharing your thoughts and time.

Paid View Point -Is free to sign up. Paid View Point allows you to get paid for surveys. The more surveys you accomplish you get ranked with a trait score as well as a payment. The higher your trait score is the more money make per survey. As of right now the only form of payment is threw Paypal and the minimum payout is $15. This is one of my favorite paid survey website.

Fusion Cash – Is free to sign up. Fusion cash is a paid survey website that pays you for completing easy surveys, tasks, radio, videos, paid offers or free offers. The minimum cash out is $15 which is payable either by direct deposit, cash, PayPal. Our second choice for best paying survey sites.

PaidVerts – Is free to sign up. PaidVerts works by giving you paid surveys to fill out and you earn cash each survey! Surveys here are decently short with good payouts. The minimum cash out depends on where you cash out…best paid survey sites

Perfect Money: $1.00

EgoPay: $10.00

Solid Trust Pay: $10.00

PayPal: $2.00 *

Payza: $2.00 *

Western Union: $250.00

Bank Wire: $250.00

Cash Crate – Is free to sign up. Cash Crate allows you to start making money right away by completing
offers, taking surveys, and shopping online. The minimum cash payout is $20 available threw PayPal or DWOLLA.

Zoom Bucks – Get paid by Paypal or in various gift cards

Inbox Dollars – You can play various games, do searches, watch videos, and surveys, to receive easy cash. Inboxdollars Pays you by check with a $30.00 minimum

Survey Savvy – Is one of the top survey websites. They offer great payouts and great surveys. They also have other services to earn cash please check them out your self you will not regret trying!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes – Offers a daily cash prize, plenty of top notch surveys, They pay by paypal with a mind blowing $2.00 minimum payout!

I-say – You can redeem the i-Say points you earn for great rewards like Visa® Prepaid Cards, gift cards, PayPal Funds, iTunes Gift Certificates and more. You must have at least 1,000 i-Say points in your account to redeem a reward

Mind Swarms – You will need a web cam to use this service but it is well worth it. Your receive $50.00 through paypal each survey you complete.

Opinionoutpost – You can earn cash and rewards for the time you spend taking online surveys with points you can redeem for cash or gift vouchers to popular brands.

Best Paid Survey Sites (United Kingdom)

Exclusive: Mint Vine Panel

GFK MediaView Panel – Paid online surveys UK

YouGov Panel(Males Only!) – Paid online surveys UK

Opinion Outpost UK Only – Paid online surveys UK

Toluna Opinion Only UK – Paid online surveys UK

iPoll Only UK – Paid online surveys UK

WISAD Panel UK – Paid online surveys UK


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    I agree Swagbucks is the best. I make more money off of survey sites after doing work for two years with various companies. In the beginning I rarely qualified for surveys and they paid 50 cents most of them. Some of them payout well and quickly now. Great part time earnings. Even though I put in full time hours. I enjoy Market Research and sharing my opinion.

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