What Is Stars Home Based Jobs?

Hello and welcome to Stars Home Based Jobs! Well let me start off by saying it seems that there is a little misconception on what Stars Home Based Jobs is and what we do. Stars Home Based Jobs is a website that takes all the work from home jobs that are available online and post them all in one direct place.

Why do we this?

We do this for you! In my personnel experience in searching for home based work its quite obvious that there are thousands of work at home scams online. Basically throughout the years of me searching and trying out hundreds if not thousands of different work at home jobs/scams I have managed to find legitimate companies that will either hire you for part time/ full time work or just something to legitimately earn some extra cash on top of what you already make.

What can you expect?

Stars Home Based Jobs wants you to earn your maximum potential earnings we want your work at home experience to become a positive yet successful outcome. We are here to do the job search for you and put it all in one place! Stars Home Based Jobs weeds out all the scams for you. We are constantly searching for new great opportunities to let the world hear about.

We want you to succeed at your work from home journey. Stars posts jobs just about every single day. If the jobs you see are not for you weather your not at the right level of experience or you apply and just do not get the job or a quick enough response from the employer then come back tomorrow and check out the new opportunities. Stars Home Based Jobs wants you to exceed your maximum income potential. I hope this kind of answers any questions or confusions you may have and I hope you the best in your search for success! Have a great day and please keep checking back!


  • Eleanor Smit

    Good day
    Could you please add me to your mailing list for home based jobs.
    Kind regards
    Eleanor Smit

    • ncreighton

      You bet! our mailing list is currently under construction but will be up in a few days.
      Thanks for the support wish you the best Eleanor!

  • Connie Burns

    Hello! I am very interested in a work from home position. I have a comment to make about your above explanation of what your company does. I don’t know who typed it but a lot of words were misspelled. Sorry, but that is very irritating to me. Just thought I would let you know that you are very lax in your editing.

    • ncreighton

      Thank you very much for your opinion. We honestly hope that you do not base your decision on one single post. If there is anything extra that we could try and help you with to make your experience better and keep coming back please let us know. The spelling on this page has been dealt with.
      Thank Stars Home Based Jobs

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